" I chose to refer clients to Journey to Pathways, because of the Professionalism, streamline intake process and most importantly the immediate responsiveness for scheduling an appointment."       ~Smantha, EAP Client Specialist~

"Currently, I am employed as an ACT team Substance Abuse Specialist getting experience working with the psychiatric population. It's very intense and I can recalled so many teachings in your clinical practice course that has been helpful. I think I developed an interest in working with the psychiatric population. Thanks Professor Dawkins."               ~Emily Dickerson, Social Work student~

" I would look forward to engaging in supervision with Mrs. Dawkins, because she created a safe environment where I was able to reflect in depth on sessions and process any areas where I was feeling stuck with clients. She would help me to understand the transference and counter-transference, make connections with theory in order to understand the client's perspective followed by the selection of the best intervention for the client."                                                                                                          ~Tamika S. , Clinician~

"I have known LeKeisha for over four years. We met at a conference in NYC. We consult on building our practices to enrich clients and help them find inner peace, we discuss the challenges of work/ life balance, and gather others in the field of social work and substance abuse to discuss what is or is not working in the field. What sets Lekeisha apart from other Social Workers, LeKeisha is always willing to help you, even when she has a million tasks on her plate. I recommend any client, or person seeking help in gaining hours for clinical supervision, or just for a consultation."                                                                                               ~Dr. Toshi M. Francis,Ph.D, LCSW, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist~

"LeKeisha has a depth and breath of knowledge, and that is the reason why I send my clients to her! I always get a positive response about her, stating that she has such care, and concern, and Is a true professional. She understands The stressors of what those who are sent to her are going through and provides healthy support. The feedback I get about her is ALWAYS positive. I Do not send any of my clients to anyone, but her! You can rest, assured that she is the absolute best! "  ~Anita McLeod, LCSW, SAP, McLeod Counseling Services~


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